I got my foot in the door of the comic book industry as an inker's assistant which is kind of
funny, because I didn't know how to ink.  On my very first day, I expected to stand over the
artist's shoulder and just watch.  Instead, he had a table set up for me, handed me a page of
Ed Benes pencils and said "Here, why don't you finish this?".  By my second day on the job,
we had to use so much white out to correct my smudges and smearing that I was certain I
would lose my job.  Thank God for a couple of very patient and talented inkers, who were
able to teach me the craft of inking to the point that I was able to score some jobs.

My experience with being a professional comic book artist has been "rough and tumble"
and "hard knocks".  My resume has been with independent publishers.  My first credited
project that made it all the way to print was a comic book titled "The Collectors", published
by Shadowed Path Press, inking over the pencils of Jason Baroody.  I have done work for
the Imperium Comic Book "Trailer Park of Terror", inking over such artists as David
Newbold and Federico Zumel.  My first published pencil job was also my first pencil and ink
job.  I did two stories for the comic book Crime Wave published by Three J Productions, LLC.

When I'm not doing jobs for publishers, I spend my time doing pin-ups, commissions and art
for sale.  I enjoy doing characters that I have never drawn before.  I enjoy working with other
artists.  I one day hope to have some of my own ideas see print.
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